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Your EDR software needs to automate analyzing massive amounts of data to identify suspicious activity, plus intuitively guide security professional through the threat hunting process to make decisions fast.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response automates endpoint protection together with cloud-based detection and response. Through a single, intuitive console monitor suspicious activity, isolate threats, and if needed rollback ransomware for up to 72 hours - keeping your endpoints and organization productive.


How we protect your business in just a few clicks

Guided and freeform investigation

Actionable investigation results drive threat response decisions with severity- prioritized IoCs or freeform search, so you can quickly assess the extent and urgency of a threat.

Full recovery including ransomware rollback

Thoroughly remediate and recover, including up to 72-hr ransomware rollback, in just a few clicks. See how fast it is to get compromised endpoints back online quickly.

Ease of management and deployment

Efficiently manage devices with an intuitive cloud-hosted security platform that maximizes limited resources and simplifies endpoint protection with streamlined administration and global visibility.


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