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Digital Risk Protection

AI-driven digital risk identification and mitigation platform


85% of detections mitigated pre-trial

70+ technical and legal DRP experts      

450+ brands protected globally


All-in-one solution designed to mitigate external digital risks to your company’s intellectual property and brand

1. Comprehensive management of the external digital risk landscape

2. Identification and takedown of unlawful use of your company’s assets

3. An 85% pre-trial takedown rate thanks to a three-stage response

4. Dedicated experts in cybersecurity and intellectual property protection at your disposal

5. Safe customer experience throughout the brand’s digital touchpoints

6. Controlled and regulated distribution of goods, services, and content in digital environments


Artificial intelligence that manages your risk exposure

The Digital Risk Protection platform uses advanced technologies to detect any illegitimate use of your logos, trademarks, content, and design layouts across the digital surface.

1. Identifies illegitimate use of digital assets

2. Classifies and scores the detected violations

3. Prioritizes and initiates appropriate takedown tactics


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