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Keep your business and customers secure from all online fraud risks

Client-side digital identity protection and fraud prevention in real time


1. Detect payment fraud

Protect users against card-not-present fraud, account takeover, social engineering, and malware.


2. Block bad bots

Stop all kinds of malicious bots, including those able to imitate user actions.


3. Uncover money laundering

Understand relationships between accounts and other entities to discover suspicious transactions.


4. Protect against loyalty program fraud

Detect fraudulent activity with travel mile or online store bonus programs.


5. Uncover fraudster’s identity

Discover threat actors’ infrastructure for further investigation to establish their identity.


6. Protect APIs

Block unauthorized use of APIs by malicious bots.


7. Improve customer experience

Remove unnecessary security checks to provide a seamless user experience.


8. Decrease business expenses

Cut costs on fraud protection measures, such as transaction confirmations via call centers and messages.


9. Avoid unforeseen costs

Money spent on handling fake requests from bots (sending SMS messages to users, buying additional bandwidth).


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