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Atmosphere: Cloud Email Protection

Block, detonate and hunt for the most advanced email threats with patented email security technology.


Group-IB Atmosphere key features

1. Block attacks with intelligence-driven behavioural analysis

Atmosphere is an intel-driven malware detonation platform that understands how attackers circumvent traditional sandboxes. It analyzes texts, URLs, attachments and encrypted objects and surpasses most modern evasion methods.


2. Detonate payloads and extract actionable knowledge about attacks

Atmosphere extracts context from attacks by executing payloads in an isolated environment, automatically attributing the attack to a threat actor or malware family and mapping the TTPs to the ATT&CK matrix.


3. Attribute blocked attacks to understand what’s next

Atmosphere automatically matches detonation reports with our Gartner-recognized Threat Intelligence & Attribution data lake in order to perform attribution and answer key questions: who is behind the attack and what to expect next.


4. Adjust cloud VMs to mimic your real environment

Atmosphere makes it possible to configure virtual machine properties to make them look like your actual corporate environment. This helps surpass advanced detection evasion techniques involved in most modern attacks.


5. Perform automatic retrospective scanning and threat hunting

Atmosphere performs constant retrospective analysis. It re-downloads suspicious URLs and re-analyzes objects that can change their state over time. As such, it automatically discovers hidden threats.


6. Set up in minutes using the configuration wizard

Your Atmosphere tenant is provisioned automatically after your trial request is approved. Integration involves simple and standard configuration steps described in the automated setup wizard.


Integration Overview

- Availability in various regions and compliance with local regulations

To deliver cutting-edge email protection in accordance with local regulations, Group-IB Atmosphere is available in four different regions.


- Instant deployment, free trial and fast integration

Cloud tenant is set up automatically after your trial request is approved. Integration is very simple and implemented as a gateway solution. Simply configure you domain name and Atmosphere will start protection as DNS records are updated.


- Morphing features and API-level integrations

To improve detection and response even further, Atmosphere supports API-level integration with G-Suite and Office 365. At the same time, Group-IB’s proprietary technology called Neptune allows you to use your real office IP address during analysis runtime.


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