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Threat Intelligence & Attribution

A system for analyzing and attributing cyberattacks, threat hunting, and protecting network

infrastructure based on data relating to adversary tactics, tools, and activity.


Key Benefits

1. Detects and stops attacks

- Prevents threats that are missed by traditional security tools from harming your company


2. Understands the methods of advanced attackers

- Determines whether the protected infrastructure can counteract relevant TTPs


3. Discovers insiders or leaks

- Obtains information about possible data compromise or an insider’s activity from closed sources


4. Manages the cyber threat landscape

- Offers the first customizable matrix with current trends in the solution’s interface


5. Analyzes and attributes threats

- Supplements indicators obtained from other systems with unique data


6. Strengthens and improves your team

- Boosts efficiency by 30%, reduces costs, and engages external experts


7. Enriches security systems

- Integrates with SIEM, TIPs, and other systems via API to obtain unique machine Data


8. Chooses and implements strategies

- Tracks relevant adversary activity to help you make informed strategic decisions


9. Identifies and blocks phishing sites

- Stops threat actors who threaten your company or customers with brand abuse


Architecture Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution

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